eMortgage Logic is Hiring!

eMortgage Logic, an Assurant Company, is looking for Senior Perl Web Application Developers. Our offices are located in North Richland Hills (Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex) AND we are open to remote positions for the right candidate.

We want your experiences and talent to influence our architecture and our team. We’ve got a wide variety of projects to keep work interesting and fun, ranging from the epitome of legacy apps to self-contained services running on the latest and greatest of Modern Perl. Having an appreciation for the evolution of the Perl web development community will be your greatest asset in modernizing and growing our stack together with us.

If any of the below practices or technologies make you excited, apply at http://jobs.assurant.com/dallas/information-technology/jobid7063768-lead-software-engineer-jobs and come aboard – let’s have fun! :)

  • Agile / Scrum / Kanban
  • Moops / DBIC / Dancer2 / Mojolicious
  • PostgreSQL 9.4 / Sybase
  • Apache 2 + mod_perl / nginx
  • Sencha Ext JS / Node.js
  • git + Stash / JIRA / Confluence
  • Memcached / ActiveMQ
  • Jenkins / Docker
  • RHEL / VMware
  • ELK / Nagios / Cacti

P.S. Like contributing to CPAN? We support open source!

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