Deprecation is citizenship

Last year I attended the Programming the web with Dancer master class at YAPC::NA, taught by the awesome folks Sawyer X and Mickey. It was then I learned that a new way to access get/post/route parameters was being baked and the potential pitfalls of what had been the current practice.

At the time, I was busy evangelizing the use of Dancer2 in professional work, and that meant exposing other developers at various levels of Perl familiarity how to accomplish tasks in the Dancer2 framework. While I waited for the new DSL parameter keywords be released by the Dancer2 core team, I decided to extend the Dancer2 DSL with keywords for parameter access of my own and added that to company broilerplate rather than have to worry about making sure every developer on every Dancer2 project was fully educated (or remembered) the aforementioned pitfalls when doing their work.

As mentioned in Sawyer X's recent post of updates, the new parameter accessors are here! That also means the plugin I wrote for the "mean time" has outlived it's usefulness and should no longer be used.

Following the good example of so many CPAN authors before me, I released a new version of my plugin solely to add a deprecation notice to it and to point the way to a better practice. Telling the world to not use my code anymore feels just as gratifying as having contributed code to the ecosystem in the first place.

Now if only p5p would put a deprecation notice on Perl5 in favor of Perl6... (j/k!)

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