Module Adoption Opportunities! YAY!

Quite some time back I was anxious to find a Perl module or two to work on and gain some experience in the process of releasing modules to the CPAN. Like I'm sure many of you do, I looked through the ADOPTME list to see what looked simple and or fun to work on.

WWW::Shorten and friends came on my radar and I started there. I reached out to the authors of many modules in the WWW::Shorten to see if they wouldn't mind joining me in the effort to bring them all to a similar point. I seem to recall everyone being happy and eager to work together, so this part went well. We created a GitHub organization to house the various modules.

Inevitably, though, I began working on other things and unfortunately have let WWW::Shorten and friends languish. This, however, opens the opportunity for you to take on the task of maintaining a family of modules and bring their test coverage up to date and add in modules for the new shortening services that are available now.

Please let me know if you're interested and I'll happily pass off some commit and PAUSE permissions!

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What needs doing at the moment? I don't mine taking a look and helping out.

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