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Doing development work on Windows is becoming easier and better all the time. However, it's still somewhat cumbersome to do development work ON Windows, FOR Windows.

Luckily for us Perl developers, the team making Strawberry Perl have done an excellent job for quite some time. Their efforts make installing and using Perl on our Windows environments (PowerShell or cmd.exe) dead simple.

That being said, something we find ourselves doing more and more frequently when doing development work on Linux is switching between versions of Perl quickly and easily. This has been available to us with BerryBrew for some time.

What Have I Done?! (PSPerl)
What I've started work on recently is a PowerShell version of a Perl environment switcher, called PSPerl. On linux we have perlbrew and plenv, why not have another option on Windows?

Given that it's written entirely in PowerShell v5+, it should be easy to update, maintain, and add new features - or even implement your own features. Give it a try. Find problems. Help me fix them.

PSPerl - Raise an Issue

The Good
It can be setup in an open PowerShell without need for elevated privileges. It can switch between Perl versions without needing to start a new shell or re-login. It can make your selected Perl version persistent, or you can just temporarily use it.

The Lacking...
I need to implement the ability to add local::lib libraries specific to your selected Perl version.

We need to be able to visit the strawberryperl site when behind a proxy.

We need to be able to execute commands against each installed Perl version.

Submit a Pull Request if you want to try your hand at fixing any of those lacking features.

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