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Just when thought this proxy/web-filter was as dumb as it could get: Screen shot 2010-07-13 at 09.02.32.png

Getting slightly lazy with Beamer

I’ve recently moved away from s5 as my presentation framework of choice - mostly because they’re hard to share on sites like SlideShare should I ever choose to.

I’m currently playing with Beamer to generate PDF-based presentations.

As ever it’s a bit of a learning curve. I’ve managed one company-internal presentation so far, and intend to write my YAPC::EU 2010 presentation using it.

Being inherently lazy, I got bored manually running the voodoo required to regenerate the PDF from the .tex file(s).

Here’s my self-howto for using make to increase my laziness coefficient. It’s not perfect, but seems to do the trick.

FILES=foo.pdf bar.pdf

all: $(FILES)

%.pdf: %.tex
        rm -rf $<.{aux,nav,log,out,snm,toc}
        pdflatex $< 1>/dev/null && \
                pdflatex $< 1>/dev/null

        rm -rf *.{aux,nav,log,out,snm,toc}

Simple once you’ve spent far too long working it out.

Next step … automating the list of targets.

Hello World!

This post is a bit of a "Hello World" post to stake my flag in blogs.perl.org.

I'd like to think I can return to writing more technical posts about my perl world - and this blog gives me the clean slate I need to start again.

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