CPAN Testers - "Can't locate FindBin/ in @INC"

Following my recent update to Catalyst::Plugin::ErrorCatcher I’ve taken some time to scan through the CPAN Testers Reports for the module.

I have to admit to being somewhat perplexed at one of the common test failures [example report]:

Can't locate FindBin/ in @INC

I’ve specified the library as a ‘TestRequires’ dependency in my Dist::Zilla dist.ini file:

[Prereqs / TestRequires]
DateTime = 0
File::Slurp = 0
FindBin::libs = 0

The generated Makefile.PL contains this as a ‘BUILD_REQUIRES’ dependency:

    # ...
    "File::Slurp" => 0,
    "FindBin::libs" => 0,
    "HTTP::Request::Common" => 0,
    "IO::File" => 0,
    # ...

I’ve also installed ErrorCatcher via cpanm on a perlbrew setup with FindBin::libs missing … and it was installed as a dependency.

There are so many of these reports that it can’t be one or two ‘unusual setups’ as the root cause. Either something has changed, or I’ve done something really stupid during the development of the module.

It’s slightly frustrating only being able to see the output of ‘make test’ and not anything from ‘perl Makefile.PL’.

Previous releases:

  • v0.0.8.9 has the dependency and exhibits the problem
  • v0.0.8.8 lists the dependency and does not exhibit this problem

I like to do as much as I can to resolve issues with my modules installing on various configurations but I’m not really sure where to go next with this one.


All these reports are from my smokers I think

What is a FindBin::libs?

[canker:]$ grep 'FindBin::libs' /home/ftp/CPAN/modules/02packages.details.txt
[canker:]$ corelist -a FindBin::libs
FindBin::libs was not in CORE (or so I think)

Hence the NA

The FindBin::libs package on CPAN seems to be broken at the moment and therefore not indexed. It seems to be a problem with the $VERSION number. Maybe that's the reason for the fails.

Yes, I've had problems installing one or two modules from CPAN because of FindBin::libs errors. (It may have even been for C:P:ErrorCatcher.)

I think in some cases, has suggested downloading perl-5.14.1 to satisfy the dependency on FindBin::libs. (And I so have Perl 5.14 installed via perlbrew, but don't want to upgrade my system Perl thank you very much!)

Just as a follow-up I amended CPANPLUS so that it reported the reason for making the report an NA and I am rolling this out across my smoker estate.

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