Notify Your Android?

Following my recent move into the World of Android I’ve been looking into notification apps that I can hook into and send message to using Perl.

Luckily for me there was already a perl module, WebService::NotifyMyAndroid, that had already done the hard work of communicating with the API at Notify My Android.

As with all thing, it hadn’t seen a release in about a year, and the sneaky NMA guys had changed all their URLs - breaking the module’s calls.

As an interested hacker I took a copy of the code and made the appropriate changes to get it up and running again.

Last night, after emailing the module’s author and having a short conversation I became co-maintainer of the module.

This morning I uploaded v0.0.3 to the CPAN.

Merry Festive Time!


Why use their service - not Google Cloud Messaging directly?

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