IRC notifications on your phone (or Pebble watch)



Install irssi

sudo apt-get install irssi

Grab the script:

mkdir -p $HOME/development
cd $HOME/development
git clone
cd irc-notifications

Make sure you have required perl modules available

perl Makefile.PL

Install any missing modules. (TODO: make irssi scripts work with perlbrew)

Install the script:


You should see something like:

➔ sh
mkdir: created directory `/home/chisel/.irssi'
mkdir: created directory `/home/chisel/.irssi/scripts'
mkdir: created directory `/home/chisel/.irssi/scripts/autorun'

If you now run


you should see something like this (assuming you have an out of the box installation, with no configuration of your own yet):

19:03 -!- Irssi: irc_appnotify 0.08 ready

Any errors means some investigation into what didn’t quite work in the setup.

At this point you’ve got irssi installed and the notification plugin ready to go. Almost.

Configure PushOver

Download the relevant app for your device from [NOT FREE].

SIgn up at Copy your user key from your dashboard.

/set notify_pushover_user_key YOUR_USER_KEY
/set notify_methods Pushover

Connect to a server

Store network info for future ease:

/SERVER ADD -auto -network perlOrg 6667

Connect, set a nickname:

/connect perlOrg
/nick myTestNick

Send yourself a test message:

/q myTestNick Hello

Check your device for a PushOver alert.


Get alerts on your Pebble watch

I’m assuming you’re already the proud owner of a Pebble watch.


Open the Pushover preferences, tick “Display notifications on Pebble”. Sorted!

/q myTestNick Welcome to the future!

… and look at your watch.


I found it much easier to get user key and token from Pushover and use the API. I even wrote a module.

I should put that up on GitHub some day.

Thanks for the hints! :)

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