How to get rid of withoutworldwriteables?

When you upload module to CPAN, PAUSE checks that archive does not contain world writable files, because if If files are found, PAUSE creates modified archive, with correct permissions and uploads it with the same name, only "-withoutworldwriteables" is added. Usually such archives are created by tar on Windows, but they can be created on Linux too - it depends on permissions of files on authors hard drive.

Solution of this problem depends on which module framework you are using.

Module::Build version 0.31 creates…

about compatibility

From article Carmack: Direct3D is now better than OpenGL.

John Carmack, co-founder of id Software: "I actually think that Direct3D is a rather better API today. ... Microsoft had the courage to continue making significant incompatible changes to improve the API, while OpenGL has been held back by compatibility concerns. Direct3D handles multi-threading better, and newer versions manage state better."

Also from article: "While newer versions of OpenGL have kept up-to-date with some of t…

mention of Perl in a fun story

Especially I like last line. Wikileaks To Leak 5000 Open Source Java Projects With All That Private/Final Bullshit Removed.

P.S. Stevey's Tech News, Issue #1 is also fun.

Playing games and fixing bugs

Playing games can be useful too. While playing "Lacuna Expanse" and using a bot to find a good asteroid to mine, I found a bug in YAML and fixed it. Later I found out that this bug was already reported 4 years ago.

blog moving

Moving my blog here from blog on