My European speaking schedule

I will be arriving in Europe this week-end, at the start of a whirlwind visit to Portugal, Norway, Latvia, and Switzerland. In three of those four countries I will be giving a free talk, which I'd like to invite you to attend if you happen to be in the right place at the right time.

In Lisbon, I'm presenting "Fun With Dead Languages" on Monday August 8, starting at 19:00. Entry is free, but seats are limited, so you do need to pre-register.

In Oslo, I'm presenting "Fun With Dead Languages" (yes, the same talk) on Thursday August 11, starting at 18:15.

In Lausanne, I'm presenting "The Twilight Perl" on Thursday September 1, starting at 19:30. Note that, despite the claim on the website, the talk is completely free.

In between these events I'll be speaking at YAPC::EU as well as offering some public training classes in Oslo, Riga and Zurich.

I hope to see many of you in one or other of these places, especially at YAPC::EU, where there will be a genuine Baltic smorgasbord of fantastic talks, tutorials, and other Perl-related events.


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