Speaking at QCon London next month

I've been invited to speak at QCon London next month. I'll be giving two keynotes: my infamous Fun With Dead Languages talk plus a one-hour mini-tutorial entitled Instantly Better Presentations. I'll also be offering the full one-day version of that second talk as a tutorial earlier in the same week.

QCon is an incredibly eclectic conference with a strong real-world focus. The presentations in this year's schedule discuss development in C++, Erlang, Groovy, Grails, HTML5, Java, JavaScript, MongoDB , NoSQL, Scala, and Perl (guess who), ranging over a vast range of topics including: agile development, cloud computing, startups, distributed Systems, REST design, mobile computing (iOS and Android), open data, system architecture, test-driven development, general problem-solving techniques, functional reactive programming, hiring skills, the Pi platform, and programming in Latin (guess who, again).

I've spoken at several of QCon's sibling conference (YOW! in Australia, Goto Aarhus in Denmark) over the past couple of years and always found them to be a great way to bump myself out of my fairly deep Perl rut, while at the same time helping to raise awareness of Perl in some quite different developer communities.

If you're interested in coming along to QCon, or even just to my Presentation tutorial, registrations are now open. There's a price rise coming on February 8th, so you may want to get in quickly. And, regardless of when you register, you can save an extra £100 by using this promotion code: CONW100



Would love to go, but I can't really afford spending 1.5k + VAT + 3 days off work on it.

Sometimes I wonder what kind of programmer can afford these, when the same money would buy them a brand new collection of the latest cool books. Maybe people who are blowing investors money.

@Jerome: I can't imagine that most programmers in attendance actually pay for this. Many employers will cover the cost and send folks on company time. Compared with hiring a trainer or sending people to a multi-day training, the price isn't ridiculous. However, since I'm used to the low cost of YAPC and other Perl conferences, I definitely get sticker shock when seeing conferences like this. I imagine that the speakers are better compensated though.

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