Back to Zurich

I'm just putting the final touches on another speaking tour through Europe (so expect more posts as I nail down destinations and events). I seem to be working backwards though, because the very last event of the visit—in Switzerland in early April—is already solid.

Once again I'll be offering a week of public classes at ETHZ, including:

You can view the complete list of courses and even sign up for them now.

We're also hoping to offer a free public talk in Zurich one evening during that week. I'll blog the details of that event as soon as we know them.

I'm so glad to be returning to Zurich, and to ETHZ, yet again. I've taught there almost every year for the past decade, and in that time I've made so many good friends and have come to love the beauty and elegance of the city itself. For a people and a place so very different from my native Australia, it's come to feel remarkably like a second home.

I hope to catch up with as many of you as possible there in April.

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