Another event in Oslo

I mentioned previously that we were aiming to organize a second free public talk in Oslo. And I can now confirm that, in addition to my talk next Wednesday night, I will now also be speaking at the University of Oslo, on Friday March 28, from 1615 to 1800.

I will be presenting an entirely new talk on Perl 6, entitled: A Programming Language for Computer Scientists (And Other Crazy People).

Although there with be a definite CS slant to the talk, it will be neither abstract nor abstruse, but full of practical examples of working code. So anyone with an interest in programming languages—and how we might teach them better—is most welcome to attend. If nothing else, you should come along to see just how amazing (and how fully implemented) Perl 6 now is.

Meanwhile, there are still a few seats left in Monday's Perl 5 Masterclass here in Oslo. It's not too late to sign up on-line...though, admittedly, it probably is too late to get your boss to actually pre-approve the necessary funding and time-off. Still, as a truly great computer hacker once observed: "It's always easier to ask for forgiveness (or reimbursement) than it is to get permission (or budget)" ;-)

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