A week of Perlishness in Oslo

Once again, courtesy of Oslo.pm, I’ll be returning to Oslo for a week of all things Perl.

On Monday April 18 and Tuesday April 19, I’m running two public classes on Perl 5 topics:
my advanced Perl programming class, and my Perl API design class. Bookings have just opened, so there are plenty of seats still available for either.

Then, on Wednesday April 20, I’ll be giving a free public talk at the Scotsman, at 6pm. I’ll be talking about how easy it is to extend Perl 5 with some amazingly useful extra language constructs—mostly stolen from Perl 6—using an evil new module (or possibly “a new evil module”) I recently wrote. The Scotsman is a great venue for these talks: you can lounge in comfort with a large band of fellow geeks, eat pub food, and quaff beer, while a crazy Australian slowly explodes your brain.

On Friday April 22, I’ll be back at UiO, with a more serious talk about the concurrency and parallelism features of Perl 6. There are some very cool tools built right into the language, which means concurrent programming no longer has to be scary or onerous or punishing.

So if you’re in the greater Østlandet area, I hope you’ll consider coming along to one or more of these events. As always, I’m very much looking forward to being back amongst the Norsefolk. We’ll eat, we’ll drink, we’ll boast about Perl. It’s Valhalla on earth!

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