A decade of classes in Lausanne

I'll be back in Lausanne again this May...my tenth visit to UNIL and my second to EPFL. Both of these prestigious institutions were founded well before my own country became an independent nation (and UNIL actually dates back to 50 years before the first European even set foot on the Australian continent).

To celebrate a decade of visiting lectures at the University, we're going to offer a rare public performance of my classic Fun With Dead Languages presentation. It's many years since I had the chance to give the full two-hour version of this talk and I've been busily updating it for the occasion. The talk is completely free, but we do want people to register in advance if possible so we can schedule a suitable venue for it.

In addition to that event, of course, we'll still be running a full range of classes on technical and presentation topics:

We've deliberately keep the prices for these training courses as low as we can, particularly for students and academics, so if you are anywhere near Switzerland in May we'd love to see you in one of these classes. Or even if you're not anywhere near Switzerland...in past years we've had attendees from France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, England, and even Australia.

Lausanne is always particularly lovely in Spring, and what better excuse to visit than the opportunity to hone your developer and speaking skills?

I hope to see you there!


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