World Tour of Germany

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Frankfurt Perl Mongers, next week I will be doing a lightning tour through Germany.

On Monday September 10th, I'll be kicking off in Frankfurt, talking about functional programming in Perl all day, and in the evening about my latest Perl modules and the epic three-year saga of how they came to be.

On Tuesday 11th, I'll be in Erlangen at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, speaking about Transparadigm programming.

On Wednesday 12th, I travel to Dresden, where I'll be explaining how to have fun with dead languages.

And on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th, I'll be in Berlin, giving an evening talk (topic yet to be announced) as well as a full day class on the best new features added to Perl in the past decade.

All these events are absolutely free (thanks again to!) and open to anyone interested in Perl, in multiparadigm programming, in necrolinguistics, or just in having a good geeky time.

If you're nearby (or even far away, but with a fast car and access to the autobahn!) we'd love you to join us at any of these events. The arrangements are still being finalized in some places, and the tour website will be updated as we have more detail. Meanwhile, for more information feel free either to contact me directly, or to get in touch with your local Perl Mongers in each city.

I hope to see you there,



I wish we could get you here in London even for a day.

If you do, I'll do my best to come over.

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