PPW is just one week away.

The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop starts just 8 days from today. I've been sweating bullets for quite a while, but things are now falling into place. I'm even at the point where I've stopped worrying about the big things and can put some attention on the little bits of polish.

The talks are going to be awesome. We start out the event on Friday with John Anderson (genehack) teaching PPW's world-famous "From Zero to Perl." Then, Saturday starts out with a great talk from Mark Jason Dominus. We'll have a total of 15 different speakers covering a wide array of subjects. And of course, Geoff's famous lightning talks.

The food is going to be awesome. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are all being covered. No need to run around town searching for something to eat. Instead, just relax and take in all the PPW goodness.

The social sponsored by Linode is going to be awesome. We're going to Latitude 40 on Saturday night. More free food. Free drinks. And a really cool atmosphere to relax and socialize will your fellow Perl geeks.

The sponsors have been awesome. Thank you very much to Linode, ZipRecruiter, pair Networks, Bizowie, Internet Imprints, ioBridge, and Grant Street Group for all of your support. Most of them will be at our sponsor expo and job fair on Saturday. About a month ago, I was really fretting over how long it was going to take for me to pay TPF back out of my own pocket for this event. At this point, I'm really happy to say this event is in the black.

So, the most awesome thing of all: we are almost sold out! There are just a few tickets remaining for this wonderful event. If you want to be a part of all this awesomeness (and believe me, you do!) then be sure to buy your ticket today!

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