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Following a brain fart, I've had a dig around for AI related stuff in perl. I haven't found much currently active, except an interface library for an Apache project (which looks good). I've found very little in the sentiment analysis sphere. This is what I've found so far:

AI::Categorizer Not touched since 2007
AI::NeuralNet::Simple Not touched since 2005
AI::FANN Not touched since 2009 Old!
AI::NeuralNet::BackProp Not touched since 2000
AI::Perceptron Not touched since 2003

And the live one:

AI::MXNet Live!
Interfaces to

Am I missing anything obvious?


Yes, unfortunately Perl support for current AI/ML libs does not seem to exist publicly.
AI::MXNet is an exception, but it's just a blip on a radar compared to the Python presence in the field.

Just last week had a presentation on AI::MXNet (also demoed AI::Perceptron briefly), and yes the presenter stated that there was limited support for Perl by AI/ML frameworks.

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