cpXXXan update

Someone sent me a bug report for the CP5.8.8AN mirror, where his CPAN client was failing to resolve a module dependency, despite that module having passed its tests on perl 5.8.8.

The culprit was the rather badly named "common::sense", which, if you look at the distribution is a bit odd. Notice that there is no .pm file anywhere in it! Instead there's a .pm.PL file, which ExtUtils::MakeMaker runs when you 'make' the distribution. Yuck.

I've patched CPAN::ParseDistribution to understand these files, and most of the mirrors should update overnight. Those with date-stamps in their names will take longer.


Thank you for the effort

Module::Metadata also does not parse/index this module. Personally, I don't have a problem with that... I think common::sense seems anything but,
and I cannot believe that there isn't a better, much more sane way to make that (simple) dist.

It's a shame that so many other dists depend on it.

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