I love Github

Github makes accepting patches from other people and applying them soooooo easy!

Instead of having to extract the patch from an email onto my workstation and manually apply it, applying this contribution was a simple matter of clicking on one button.

Thanks Mark - and thanks Github as well!


We all do.

I hate to admit it, but these days I'm pretty reluctant to submit patches to modules that aren't on Github. I'm pretty lazy and Github just makes it so easy to fork, edit, commit and send a pull request that an easy patch takes just a few minutes to submit. Add to that the ability to track the status of pull requests and it becomes hard to go back to doing things the old (hard) way.

I wish Github would start loving Perl as much

Perl used to be the #2 language on github at one point, probably because of the gitpan project. Now, Perl has dropped to 8th place:

Javascript is number 1 because everyone has to include jquery, etc inside their package right :)

I don't think they are doing a lot of sophisticated work for the counts. For example, do they count all forks for a project? I've noticed that most other programming groups do a lot of heavy forking on projects, even if they never contribute, whereas Perl projects usually get forked only when someone wants to actually do something.

We have to know there is a bit of marketing here as well. Node.js is very hot right now, so it is no surprise github is finding a formula that lets them put javascript at the top of the pile right :)

That being said, I don't think there would be any harm in us Perl programmers that use Github to play the PR game. If we all forked gitcpan, I wonder what would happen :)

Actually, the hardest part about submitting this patch was finding the github repo name. :)

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