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For several years I've been using a shell script that runs once a day from a cron job, and automagically subscribes me to the RSS feeds that rt.cpan creates for my modules. That means that whenever I release a new module, within a day or two I'll be subscribed to its bug reports, and within another day or so I'll start getting bug reports automatically emailed to me.

At some point RT got upgraded and my script broke. When I became aware of it, I fixed it, and I also put it on github. I hope you find it useful.

To run it you will need to set the RTUSER and RTPASS environment variables and possibly edit the variables at the top of the script. I assume that you use rss2email for reading RSS feeds. Use of any other tool for RSS is a bug, but if you wish to be buggy I'm sure you can work around that.

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Ah, I didn't realize you were using the RSS feeds from RT for piping to email. You may not know (?) that RT will send you email directly about all new bug reports and updates to existing ones for your queues. If you're not receiving the mail, your address (as pulled from PAUSE at one point) might be incorrect. You can update it by going to Logged in as → About Me.

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