Are you the one person left on the planet using a Palm Treo?

If you are, then I have two very important things to say to you.

First, why the hell haven't you upgraded to something - anything! - else?

Second, I just released updated versions of Palm::SMS, Palm::Treo680MessagesDB, and Palm::TreoPhoneCallDB. Now they should build with a vaguely modern perl toolchain (in the case of Palm::SMS) and will work with a modern version of Palm::PDB, which appears to have mysteriously travelled back in time and gone from version 1.29 in 2002 to version 1.016 today.


Why get a new phone with crappy battery life, and wait while the phone makes alpha blended GUI fades after every tap? The older smartphone OSes are more responsive, have keyboards, and quickly transition screens instead of the artsy crap that Android and IOS are.

I think Chris Nandor still uses his Newton.

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