XS::TCC, another tinycc-based jit compiler

Without knowing it, both Steffen Mueller and I released modules this morning related to using the Tiny C Compiler for compiling C code at runtime! I have tried to make a fuss about mine (as evidenced by my blog entry this morning), but neither of us were aware of the other. Hopefully we can combine forces. Steffen, of course, knows an aweful lot more about typemaps and the available typemaps module ecosystem than do I. I plan to contribute the energy and enthusiasm! :-)

Check out Steffen's module on cpan and github.

My Alien module for tcc is on cpan and github, and my Perl bindings for libtcc are also on cpan and github.

There is one other module related to tcc on CPAN, called C::TCC. For better or worse, the module doesn't really provide a means for sending much to it, or getting much back from it, and the module author hasn't replied to my emails. Who would have thought that two folks would publish unlrelated modules on the same fairly unknown piece of software just over four years since the last thing to hit cpan?


Full disclosure: The timing wasn't random. I had the code on github for four months now and never released it for a few reasons. When Rafael pointed out your module, I gave myself a shove and pushed it to PAUSE.

Passers-by, see also: https://github.com/tsee/p5-XS-TCC/issues/1

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