The Perl Conference 2017 (formerly known as YAPC::NA) is rapidly approaching, and we believe it will be great.

The Perl Conference, 2017 will be held this year in Washington DC, at the US Patent and Trademark Office, from June 18 through June 23rd.
This is the conference that many of us have affectionately known as YAPC::NA::17.

If you haven't registered yet, please do so as soon as possible.
We want to make sure we're providing the best possible experience for our participants, and to that end, accurate registration counts are helpful, plus there is still time to get the early-bird rate.

The conference website is: [](

We have talks scheduled from many of the best speakers known to the Perl community;
Damian Conway, Sawyer X, Randal Schwartz, Mark Jason Dominus, Ricardo Signes, and so many other strong speakers that I feel silly having mentioned the few that I did.

For those seeking additional enlightenment there are tutorials and master classes offered (by additional registration) on topics such as:

- Perl in a Day (John Anderson)
- Introduction to Moose (Dave Rolsky)
- Perl Second Best Practices (Randal Schwartz)
- Unicode and Associated Punishments (Ricardo Signes)

The conference is being held in the amazing [US Patent and Trademark Office]( "US Patent and Trademark Office"),
and will feature an event in the [National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum]( "National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum").

Early registration cost is $250, and late registration (Main event T-minus 14 days) will be $350, so there is still time to get your ticket, but you'll want to act sooner than later.

From the Perl Foundation Conferences Committee I would like to thank all of the organizers who have been working for many months on this, and who are currently neck deep in work tying up loose ends and caring for the many details.
It will be a great conference because of everyone in the Perl community who attends and participates, but it couldn't be a great conference without those organizers who
have devoted so much of their time and energy laying the foundation for the rest of us to build upon.

I am excited and can't wait to see everyone there.

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Some of your links are broken. :)

Also, i hope you'll make the official name "The Perl Conference 2017 (formerly known as YAPC::NA)". ;)

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