Duplicating blog posts between blogs.perl.org and own blog?

I have my own blog, on which I post about Perl-related stuff along with other things. I also have a blog here on blogs.perl.org (obviously, as I'm posting on it now).

When I post something Perl-related, I'd like to post to both, as blogs.perl.org makes it more likely to be seen by the Perl community, many of whom probably don't follow my own blog, but I don't like the idea of manually posting it to both really. It's also a bit of a pain for any comments to be split between the two.

Solutions that come to mind:

  • Automatically copying posts in the Perl category on my own blog to this blog somehow; or a script that posts a summary along with a link to the original post on my blog
  • The above but in reverse; post here and have a summary & link posted to my blog
  • Not use this blog, and attempt to get the feed for the Perl category on my own blog listed on planet.perl.org, and hope that helps make those posts visible to the Perl community

I can't be the only one who has their own blog but also wants their content on blogs.perl.org for better visibility within the Perl community - anyone have any suggestions?


I generally think that if people have their own blogs, it's better to get listed in the Perl Iron Man aggregator rather than double post to blogs.perl.org.

I see blogs.perl.org as a quick and easy way to blog about perl for people who don't want to sign up for or set up a blog elsewhere or who want to have a perl-specific blog distinct from a personal blog.

Check out App-PM-Announce. I use it to syndicate meeting announcements for SF.pm. It has an adapter for blogs.perl.org.

You have seen this, yes? I am not sure it is the best approach; but it is something.

I would say if you want your primary weblog to be aggregated on Iron Man, then you should not be re-posting here. (Plenty of people will see both versions of the post, which is very noisy.) If you don’t, then reposting from a category feed of your primary weblog to here is fine, and it should probably be linked excerpts.

Oh. I have admin privileges so maybe I can see it and set it up while regular users can’t. Sorry for the confusion.

I have done this at my own blog using RSS/Atom syndication. The blog is Wordpress, and there's a plugin called FeedWordpress which pulls an RSS/Atom feed - in this case from the blogs.perl.org site. I'm very happy with the result which is pretty seamless. Hope that helps.

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