Let's try this again

This started as a reply comment on another post about “people” being rude, that being the case please forgive how it starts.

I'm not sure I agree that the community has always been inclusive, I'll point (again) to chromatic's post back in 2k11 http://modernperlbooks.com/mt/2011/04/civility-starts-with-me.html about issues within the community relating to hostile behavior. We all have the ability to be rude, biting, short, etc. I'm just as guilty as anyone throughout my life both personally and professionally.

I strongly believe this “rude behavior” is due to the passion each of us feel about our beloved Perl. Mithaldu, Buddy Burden, myself and all the others that have either posted or commented on this “fight?”, I assume you/we all love Perl, otherwise none of us would care enough to say anything. It is and has been a huge part of our lives for years, for some of us decades. It's not a bad thing, we will all be rude at some point because we are heavily invested in Perl. When we get a bit to excited it's important for those around us to point it out and ask us to calm down a bit, I'm ok with this. No, I am not suggesting either Mithaldu or Buddy Burden were rude, both have made valid and reasonable comments adding to the discussion.

I love pre-modern Perl and so should you, my introduction

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