Sydney Perl Mongers Thursday Night

Sydneysiders are invited to join us this Thursday night for yet another Sydney-PM meet.

SiteSuite have offered to host us. Thanks to Cees for setting the wheels in motion for us to use the venue.

What: Sydney PM
Date: Thursday, 16th October 2014
Time: 6-9:30pm
Where: SiteSuite, Level 3, 1 Bay Street, Broadway Shopping Centre, Sydney
Who: Anyone with any level of experience with Perl. Please bring friends, family and co-workers!

The building locks it's doors at 6pm, so one of their staff will let us in. On the day a contact mobile number will be posted for stragglers. Please jump on the email list for that detail on the day.

Cees will be giving a talk about Rose::DB and we have a guest speaker giving us this talk live from San Francisco...

Title: I've Got 99 Problems But CPAN Ain't One

Abstract: As software developers, we face lots of esoteric problems. And if you use Perl, then you have probably faced the CPAN problem. Shifting versions, incompatible interfaces, and test failures in dependent CPAN modules can suddenly break your application. In this presentation, you'll see how solve the CPAN problem, remove tough stains from fabrics, and become a better lover by using Pinto to create a private CPAN.

Bio: Jeffrey Thalhammer is an independent software developer and consultant. He is best known as the creator of Perl::Critic, the widely used static analyzer for Perl. Jeffrey is also a scorpio and co-organizer of the San Francisco Perl Mongers.

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