BZ::Client updated for Bugzilla 5.0

Since receiving co-maintainer for BZ::Client about a year ago, I have been gradually sprucing things up with code style tweaks, including patches from RT etc.

Over the last few days I've gotten quite stuck in, taking the time to convert to Dist::Zilla releases, tweaking and stripping out a lot of Pod (left to Dist::Zilla to insert), removing subroutine prototypes. Which has resulted in a couple of new minor releases interspersed with dev releases.

Version 5.0 of the popular bug tracking software Bugzilla was recently released and in so doing sent the 4.0 series to EOL. It's actually one of the few examples of software that RedHat has not re-written in Python (then started rewriting yet again in Ruby)

This last week I updated a client's Bugzilla install from 4.0 to 5.0 and almost immediately discovered that BZ::Client could no longer authenticate. Updating the login() function should have only taken perhaps an hour, although naturally I got carried away exposing more of the underlying web api to your program and making improvements to the Pod.

All of the above is included in v1.07 which is now on CPAN.

I've been working on having Nagios creating Bugzilla tickets and have grown increasingly dissatisfied with the strange API design of BZ::Client. I am not surprised that people are getting confused how it works. Fair warning: I've branched v2.0 and am starting to rearrange things. Bugzilla has introduced a restful API and warned that XMLRPC is now deprecated, I don't expect to support the restful interface in the v1 series but have no intention of abandoning XMLRPC in v2.

If you're using BZ::Client it would be great to hear from you. If you're bored, why not help out with the Comments API functions and converting from LWP to HTTP::Tiny ?

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