New Sydney PM website and URL

With new cool TLD's available, I purchased perl dot sydney which is the perfect domain for Sydney Perl Mongers.

Our current/old website is dated and tired, so I also spent some time whipping into shape a new website using GH pages. Having GH pages automagically compile markdown files into HTML is very neat. Plus having everything in github so people can PR, and having group access - are both great. But... that Jekyll isn't Perl does make me feel somewhat sold out, even if it's being used implicitly.

Anyway, please take a look and proof read the perl dot sydney website. Send PR's for all my typos and grammatical errors (people in's #australia have already gone over it)

Also, if you would like to order one of our Tshirts (which help pay for these vanity domains and our meetup page) - check out the details on our Facebook page.

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