New Website and URL for HTML::FormFu

Sitting on my TODO list has been a refresh (resurrection perhaps?) of the FormFu website.

In 2017 the various contributors consolidated into a single Group on GitHub - authors of related modules are invited to donate them into that group for future maintenance etc.

Having some time off has allowed me to get through much of that aforementioned TODO list and over the last few days, the FormFu website has been ticked off of that list.

GitHub has a "pages" feature, which is based upon Jekyll. This is a convenient system for generating a static site from templates and content from Git - which also includes the hosting part for free. Everyone in the group can make changes, with 3rd parties able to use Git's normal mechanisms to send PR's, issue reports etc.

So I donated a funky new .rocks domain and used the GitHub pages to create simple new website for FormFu. Any and all feedback is much appreciated.

And without further ado,

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The new site looks great! I'm so happy that people still find the code useful.

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