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DBD::Oracle 1.76 released

Including a wide range of bug fixes and some helpful enhancements as detailed in the Changes file.

If you are using DBD::Oracle, there is no reason not to upgrade (YMMV)

Check it out or using your preferred CPAN tools

Promoting Perl

After this weeks discussions about naming a shovel a spade, and how that would increase sales in the hardware store. I hope to start a substantive discussion around promoting Perl.

Dear Reader, please don't let the above metaphor become a stumbling block. Your ingenuity is desperately needed.

The first hypothetical question I would pose is:

  • If you had $10,000 to promote Perl - what would you do with it?

Please don't get lost on the dollar figure. This is intended to be an exercise in stretching the imagination.

Another ques…

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