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Skeleton Week: perl based status page

The nice folk at Fastmail have published their status webpage application "towncrier" as foss on github. See it running in on their actual status page (link fixed).

It is written in Perl, using Dancer, uses Template Toolkit, and has a REST api interface. It uses SQLite for storage, so for better or worse its quick to install and get running.

Unfortunately the documentation is close to non-existent, though the README file describes how to get it running via carton. The application …

Skeleton Week: Nopaste with mojopaste

The nopaste utility from the venerable ETHER is a terrific addition to your standard deployment. Installation is trivial with:

cpanm App::Nopaste

This simple utility makes it trivial to send text data to your pastebin-like service of choice. The core distribution includes a half dozen services, and divers others have been published by other authors on the CPAN. Chances are your favorite is already supported - …

Skeleton Week: Perl plugin for collectd

This is the first year that I can recall during which I have not been at $work. I like the easy commuting, empty car parks, long lunches etc. then taking leave when everyone comes back.


Since you won't be releasing (will you), it's a great time to work on some "we really should" projects.

Enhancements to monitoring are great candidates. There is always something else that can be graphed or alerted upon.

I stumbled upon this arti…

Thanks for Imager::File::WEBP

Thanks TONYC for authoring and releasing Imager::File::WEBP

All three major browsers now support WebP in a backwards compatible way, so with a few small changes to our Imager scripts our webpages can load faster and bandwidth be used more efficiently. Huzah!

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