Reddit: After 2020, European Perl conferences are over

This popped up on Reddit, I don't go there much either, but the crowd here might want to read get involved in the dicussion:


Nice clickbait, eh?

Over the past years, it has been increasingly difficult to find hosts/venues for the next year. The reason why a location could be announced each time in the closing session of a conference has rather more to do with heroics than deliberation. YEF is de facto disbanded, de jure will happen RSN. Long-time member domm's numerous attempts to revitalise YAPC organisers have all failed. It does not help that ACT remains a dung pile (IMO needs a code transplant into a fresh start/rewrite, can't work from the current state).

Yesterday, a last ditch proposal of retaining external consultants was defeated. is nearly out of money. We the members are as old and exhausted as the community is at large when it comes to making something big.

Three ways forward:

Instead of birthing a whole new organiser team for each venue location, establish an experienced core team that remains the same over the years and who remotely directs a handful of local people for each venue. Precedents: for the German Perl workshops; the current Toolchain Summit model (edit: Neil Bowers does it)

Dissolve the Perl theme of the conference and broaden the topics to include more programming languages, but keep the style (grassroots organised, non-profit intent, cheap attendance fee, lightning talks, hallway++, attendees' dinner). If you look at the list of talks of Perl conferences in Europe (both national and the supernational one), half of them are already generic tech talks and not specific to Perl, so the change would not as great as you might think. Precedents: OSDC; the successor to YAPC Asia (I don't know the name)

Raise lots of money and pay professionals to organise conferences.


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It is (as the post says) clickbait, but does give an opportunity to reflect on where the future of Perl lies.

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