Leaving irc.perl.org

This article just popped up on Twitter. Whilst I mostly idle on irc.perl.org (say hello in #australia) I have no idea who runs or ran it. Whilst I noticed that there seems to be several servers (at lease one of which being apparently provided by shadowcat systems). I had assumed this was largely just people keen to run their own local instance - irc serving not requiring much in terms of system resources.

I guess my reaction to the article is to feel some contribution to the "use but not contribute", although i'm not even an admin in a channel. IRC across the board is waning in the face of CPU and RAM hungry chat softwares.

It seems that if you can make chat software that requires you to upgrade your CPU and RAM you've got yourself a hot start up, even if you're largely replicating features available in irc and email lists.

With other efforts to reinvigorate this blog site, and other key perl websites, perhaps its time to include IRC (or others) in a strategic plan?

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