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Raku gets its very own subreddit

This is a sensible step forward for both languages.

The moderators of r/perl have had a discussion and we've agreed that going forward, this subreddit will be for the discussion of Perl 5 (and, I guess, earlier versions). Posts about Raku are off-topic here. I think that's what most readers here wanted and I think the Raku people will welcome the separation too.

See all the discussion at https://www.reddit.com/r/perl/comments/dmtxk1/raku_posts_in_rperl/

Change offers amazing opportunites

The Camelia mascot of the language now known as Raku is a brightly coloured metaphor for the transition from Perl 6 to it's new identity. My hope is that having emerged from it's cocoon, Raku will flap it's wings and fly skyward, boldy seeking new adventures.

I congratulate the team for making this decision, specifically Elizabeth Mattijsen for being so bold as to propose the change request that triggered the end game. No doubt other people where involved that I am not familiar with, they deserve generous praise and recognition too.

My personal involvement in Raku/Perl6 is lit…

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