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Shorewall Released

Shorewall is now available for download. Shorewall is a gateway/firewall configuration tool for GNU/Linux, written in Perl.

Problems Corrected:

1) If multi-queue NFQUEUE (e.g., NFQUEUE(0:1) ) WAS used as a policy, an error such as the following was previously incorrectly raised.

ERROR: Invalid policy (NFQUEUE(0) /etc/shorewall/policy (line


The MongoDB Perl Driver is being deprecated

From Twitter

We've made this decision using hard data; over the past few years we have surveyed our user base and talked to companies that use the Perl driver. They've told us how they aren't developing new applications using Perl and have moved these applications into maintenance mode. This has meant that they have few demands for new MongoDB feature to be supported in the Perl driver.

We also looked at support requests and questions in the community, and found no questions about the Perl driver had been as…

Driving in Perl

Redhat just posted a podcast entitled "Diving for Perl" and also (strangely) "Driving in Perl" on some pages.

Blurb is as follows:

Languages come and go. A few have the right stuff to rise to the top--and fewer stay there. Perl had a spectacular rise, a quiet slump, and has now found its place in the world of programming.

Perl seemed destined to rule the web. Michael Stevenson and Mike Bursell describe how Perl's design made it ideal for the early web. We hear from Conor Myhrvold about its motto: "There is more than one way to do it." Elizabeth Mattijsen shares h…

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