Please test DBD::Oracle v1.90_1

Anyone using DBD::Oracle is invited to test out out this dev release v1.90_1

Download from metacpan here

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v1.90 candidate branch

This commit is a big big change which should hopefully fix a lot of problems

Rewrite of login6
This changes the way things are done during login6 (connect). In

1. OCIEnv is cached based on character sets and mode. One copy
is used in all threads (so OCI_THREADED is important!)

2. There are no more global variables for character sets. So each
connection uses exactly what is specified at connection time. Thus
option ora_envhp is removed.

3. Improved support for DRCP. Now the pools are independent from
threads. The pool is defined by DSN and UID. No more leaking of
connections or pools. When last imp_drh goes away the pools
are released. It is now also possible to tag sessions in addition
to using connection_class (the latter works only with DRCP).

4. Reauthenticate now keeps old session as long as possible, so
if new identity is wrong, then old session stays intact.

5. Support for using shared variables is also improved. There is
now additional function ora_shared_release that cleans up shared
connection, when it is not needed anymore. Though it is still
cleaner to used DRCP. No more handles are leaking.

6. Support for imp_take is improved. No handles are leaking.
But it is cleaner to use DRCP.

7. Small fixes for compilation and handling of attributes.

Your feedback is most welcome via the pull request

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