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Trying to contact Francis van Dun (FVANDUN)

I am trying to contact Francis van Dun (FVANDUN on cpan) for permission to relicense Net::DHCP to the MIT license.

The email listed on cpan bounces. If you are out there Francis please give me your blessing via the above link.

Perl IDE Hackathon 2022

perl ide hackathon.png

On Tuesday 21st June there will be a Perl IDE Hackathon in the Hackathon room at The Perl and Raku Conference. You can also participate in this event remotely.

Our goal is to enhance IDE and Editor support for Perl 5 which is typically via plugins, with an an emphasis on helping people make their first every contribution. It's not even required…

Reconsidering the licensing of Perl code

The current state: The Perl interpreter and most of CPAN are provided under the Artistic 1.0 license and the GPL1.0 license. The Artistic 1.0 license was written by Larry Wall and due to its problems Perl is simultaneously licensed under the GPL 1.0 License.

It is the de-facto standard to license software published to CPAN under the same terms as the Perl interpreter.

The Artistic 2.0 license supersedes the Artistic 1.0 license and is designed to overcome its problems. Raku uses this license as it was specifically created for Perl 6. Mojolicious also uses this license.

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