Perl IDE Hackathon 2022

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On Tuesday 21st June there will be a Perl IDE Hackathon in the Hackathon room at The Perl and Raku Conference. You can also participate in this event remotely.

Our goal is to enhance IDE and Editor support for Perl 5 which is typically via plugins, with an an emphasis on helping people make their first every contribution. It's not even required that you use the IDE/Editor that you are helping out with.

With support from their authors, I am hoping we can help make meaningful contributions to the following, :

- Jetbrains IDEA plugin
- Language Server's for VSCode etc. i.e. Perl Navigator, Perl::LanguageServer, PLS
- Vim plugin vim-perl
- Emacs
- Others!

Recall that IDE support is a priority for the community and we need your help!

If you are attending the Perl and Raku conference then simply turn up at the venue on the 21st with your Laptop and find the room! There will be wifi and we will work together with everyone in the slack channel.

Attend remotely by joining the #hackathons2020 channel on TPF slack using this link which is only active for 14 days. If you're not fond of the web interface you can use weeslack plugin for weechat or other similar plugins for your ui of choice. Try to join ahead of time and recall that people in Houston are on the "Central Standard Time" aka "US/Central" which is UTC-5 clock setting. Check out this handy webpage to aid conversion.

Feel free to use the above channel to ask questions etc.

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