Ideas from TPRC2022: Bug/Task/Issue independent interface and a cli tool

We have a Database Independent Interface aka DBI and a Unified Cache Handling Interface aka CHI which both provide a generalized interface to similar backend services. Similarly we have AnyEvent - the DBI of event loop programming and Log::Any. With the Nopaste cli provides an agnostic tool to send data to pastebin like services.

So why not a generalized interface to Bug, Task, and Issue trackers? And an accompanying cli tool?

Jira is obviously very common for organizations to use, Github issues are ubiquitous, Bugzilla is still around, Request Tracker has a strong following, not to mention Zendesk, OTRS, and so many others you're forced to use each day for your work. Likely your organization or employer uses more than one!

Having a generalized interface makes automation interactions more trivial and vastly more consistent. With this interface established, an accompanying command line tool becomes a logical addition. And if you aren't yet automating interactions with your Bug / Task / Issue tracker, then having an interface is even more important to getting you started.

Such an interface would be the majority of whats needed for a unified interface and cli tool and to interact with CPAN modules bugs/issues regardless if they are on Github, RT, or other. Something similar to Debian's reportbug command.

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Prior art: Best Practical's SD project.

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