TPF launches merch store for Perl 5

TPF has launched an online store with Perl merchandise (swag) celebrating the Perl 5.36 release. The marketing committee plan to do a custom celebratory collection for each release of Perl with revenue from each sale goes to TPF's Perl fund.

The store includes long- and short-sleeved t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and stickers - all featuring a new Raptor image for the 5.36 release.




So raptors then? Not onions or camels?

The raptor is a pun on the badmouthing Perl as old in sense: yes might be older than your language but still kills.

The "Raptor logo" is not the _real_ Perl logo; everybody knows that is a camel. The raptor is a Mojo creation. This is just weakening the brand.

Also, it's sowing confusion to have PERL in capital letters given how much we have to correct people for using that rendering.

This 25-year Perl programmer won't be buying one -- and I would love to have some good new Perl attire.

The raptor is a Mojo creation.

Incorrect. All three logos in fact go back to remarks by Larry, including the velociraptor.

The earliest reference to the velociraptor by Larry that I can find is in Apocalpyse 12, where he only mentions it as a joke. Matt Trout later attributed to him a quote that “perl5 is a velociraptor. What we need now is an acceloraptor” (i.e. Perl 6 (at the time)) – though I am unable to substantiate this attribution right now – and that is the source of the name of the State of the Velociraptor talks given initially by Matt and later by SawyerX. Sebastian Riedel’s contribution was the design of the Perl velociraptor logo and making it freely available for use, but not the idea of this mascot as such.

The camel and the onion are better documented to originate from Larry so I won’t bother to look those up here. The bottom line though is that all of these mascots have comparable (if maybe not fully equal) claims to legitimacy.

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