Prima: release v1.59 adds major text rendering functionality

  1. Previously it was only possible to output text with strings using text_out() method. Now, a more versatile and modern way is added with text_shape() method that converts text string in a series of glyphs, that allows the following:

    • Full unicode bidi processing
    • Support for font ligatures
    • Native support for right-to-left text
    • Transparent font substituion where a single font does not contain necessary glyphs

    In addition to that, infrastructure was added to support RTL and shaping in all standard Prima widgets. Run podview Prima::Drawable::Glyphs and check out the examples in the end of the document.

  2. PostScript backend rewritten to generate embedded Type1 fonts. This allows to generate unicode text in PostScript documents.

  3. In X11 backend, standard key combination (Ctrl+Shift+U) accepts unicode hex number as a character input. Try typing "a" then Ctrl+Shift+U 300 ENTER.

  4. Prima::*Dialog packages are moved to Prima::Dialog::* namespace


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