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After finally managing to produce a valid atom feed I have now moved my Perl blog to my self-hosted server at

Blog posts are aggregated via Ironman, and I tend to spam twitter after publishing a new post (at the moment by hand, but I guess I'm going to automate that soonish), so might want to follow domm_favors_irc to stay up to date on my ramblings.

Or do you prefer to have me add short posts here, pointing to my proper blog? (of course I'd remove this blog from Ironman first to prevent duplicates)

Anyway, thanks to the people running for providing me with a blogging home after shut down.


Like a lot of people I am subscribed to the front page feed. If you start posting backlink entries here, I have two options:

  1. Subscribe your feed; then I have to ignore the junk link entries on
  2. Not subscribe your feed; then if I want to read your entries I have to click through every time, unlike other blogs that I can read directly in my feed reader

So personally I would prefer if you don’t post such pointers here. Whoever wants to read you, like me, can just subscribe your feed and not have to deal with noise. Alternatively, if you want to stay on for the bigger reach, I would prefer if you reblog full entries rather than just backlinks (in which case I‘d simply skip subscribing to your feed).

On Twitter the backlinks feels right… elsewhere, out of place.

I've seen other people duplicate blog entries across several blogs, and that sounds right. Their blog is all about them, and they blog is the intersection of them and Perl.

Indeed, the bigger reach is probably at, for those who don't know you (yet).

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