"Essential Modern Perl" Track at Austrian Perl Workshop

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To get more new participants to this years Austrian Perlworkshop we (Vienna.pm) came up with the following plan: On Saturday, 17th November, we will have one track of talks called Essential Modern Perl. We came up with ~15 topics that should introduce newcomers and old timers to the wonderful world of CPAN and the various toolkits and modules that lead to the Perl renaissance labeled Modern Perl.

We are still looking for speakers for some of the topics, so if you're near Vienna or need an excuse to visit us, just grab one of the currently un-assigned talks! Also, if you're a member of one of the core groups working on the listed modules etc and have a good presentation about the topic at hand, please let us know where we can find it (if we're allowed to reuse the slides...). We're looking for ~20 minutes introduction talks targeted at people that know programming, but do not necessarily know a lot of Perl.

If this track works out, it might be a good idea to have a similar track at as much workshops and conferences as possible. I hope it's a good way to lure new people into the Perl community. In a perfect world we'd have a repo of public slide decks covering the core topics, and orgas of events would "just" need to find some speakers to do the talks...

What do you think? Maybe there already is a repo containing those slides? Should we have such a track at a YAPC? At workshops?

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