Faster and up to date HTTP Cookie Jar

Hot off the keyboard, is HTTP::State in trial form anyway. This is HTTP cookie jar supporting public suffix, same site, cookie partitioning and other goodies from RFC6265bis-draft and CHIPS. It makes cookie handling on the client side more in line with recent developments in browsers (browsing context, first-party partitioning etc).

While most of 'browsing context' and partitioning features are not directly usable in current Perl HTTP user agents, it eases the path for better cookie support in new/updated user agents.

In the mean time, a compatibility API allows drop in usage where ever HTTP::CookieJar is used. The main benefit for current user agents is a significant boost in cookie retrieval performance.

It is a trial of a first release, so probably has some teething issues and is currently limited v5.36.0 min perl. However if you want to give it a try, please do and give feedback if you can!

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