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Analysing CPAN Testers' Reports

The task

In the second round of the Pull Request Challenge, I was assigned Olson::Abbreviations. At work, we've been bitten by the ambiguity of the EST timezone, so I liked the general idea of the module. Moreover, there were some test failures reported at CPAN Testers Reports, so the task was clear: Make all the tests pass!

Pull Request Challenge: January

Originally, I was assigned TryCatch. “At least something I can use,” I thought. Also, the module's ticket queue was 21 issues long, so there should've been something to pick up. When I took a closer look, though, I discovered the module was XS heavy (I have never written any XS, and almost no C either), and the only issue I would've been able to work on was “Mark as deprecated” — but I wasn't sure I'm able to judge whether it would be the right thing to do.

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