Using WebKit to generate PDF slides

Today we can find a lot of presentations written in HTML or any other variant (XHTML, HTML5, etc) using JavaScript frameworks such as s5 or deck.js.

These frameworks allow the creator to do advanced presentations with simple HTML. This has a lot of advantages as the user

  • is in full control of the layout
  • can easily embed images, links, code, etc
  • can use a revision control tool

Although one major drawback of such frameworks is sharing…

SpeedTouch / Thomson wireless security flaws

Today having Internet access has become more of a necessity than a luxe. Internet is so common nowadays that we all have it at home and use it with all computers and even our home appliances: tv, mp3 players, tablets and game consoles. It's no sercert that Internet is everywhere and is here to stay

I remember when I had my first Internet connection at home that it was meant to be used for a single computer in the house. Using a router was not allowed by my ISP. Today not only is it allowed but most ISP even provide a modem/router with WIFI to all their clients!

This is the cas…

CPAN upload

CPAN offers multiple ways for uploading modules. I only know of 3 ways:

I'm wondering if it's possible to upload a file through scp (ssh). This would be very convenient in the case where SSH keys would be allowed as it wouldn't require users to type in a password (except for the first time that the ssh-aget loads the key).


First post!

I'm looking forward to use this new blog portal. Blogging from was starting to be a bit painful as sessions tend to expire randomly and the posts are limited to text only.

Congratulations to those who had the initiative to start the project and the volunteers that made it possible.