Thank You, Glen Hinkle!

A very quick post just to say that I'm very excited to get into work today and it's all because of Glen Hinkle and his Amazing Mojocasts.

Work has been a drag -- I've got a 3-year learning plan that includes picking up Catalyst for its use in industry to go with the DBIx::Class and Moose that I'm integrating into my work, so that I have the option to move to bigger and better things should the occasion arise -- but today is the first day I've actually been happy to get to work and it's all because Mojolicious is fun.

I have almost no uninterruptable hours in the day (and I'll post next year on the workflow that evolved in that environment), but Glen's Mojocasts teach me 5 new things in 8 minutes and I'm up and running in another 10. Yesterday, I had to get back into it after 18 months away from it and jumped straight in a #3 for the authentication and my mood has skyrocketed. I've installed Mojolicious::Plugin::BasicAuthPlus for the LDAP authentication and now have to work out how to make it look up the hideously long Identifier and authenticate against that. All part of the fun.

To me, this is how you draw people to your project. Quick and simple - bare bones of a working system - straight to the point. The video has saved me from trawling through the documentation trying to find the right page with the answer on it. The videos take effort to produce, so they focus on the essentials and I've got all the written docs for the strange local features that I need to implement, but at least I understand what I'm going to be reading. Go forth and do likewise!

What do I think of the cheesy music - goes with the rainbows and unicorns motif. How does he type so fast!

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