A while ago, I answered to Sawyer's blog post "On low attendance in meetings" basically saying that I challenge the idea that the event he referred to is a at all. I was being facetious and nitpicking, but my motive was, and still is, my belief that the .pm meetings are a perl-centric, social gathering of like-minded Perl, ahem, mongers, and should be treated in the same way that you treat 4-5 perl guys who meet in a pub.

This is why I was very excited about the re-emergence of, which was exactly what I was thinking about, a non-formal, friendly gathering of like-minded people that wanted to share their affection for Perl. And for that I want to thank both Uri Bruck and Shmuel Fomberg for organizing this event, and for inviting me to speak, which I always love and dread to do.

I will also use this as an opportunity to launch this blog more officially. During the next days I'll post the slides and source of the presentation, with some personal post-mortem about it. Most of what I touch there were just points, that I'll expand on during the following weeks.

Finally, if anyone reading this lives in the vicinity of Haifa (Israel), and is a perl enthusiast, has a topic they want to share, or are interested in meeting folks from the local Perlosphere, please comment here and I'll make sure to pass the word to Uri and Shmuel for the next meeting.

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I just wrote my review of the meeting. Great to see you're adding the material (and posting) already!

Yalla balagan!

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