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DateTime and Excel difference

Seems that DateTime module thinks 29.2.1900 didn't exist while Excel 2008 does. Which one is correct ? Well DateTime is OpenSource while Excel is payware. Think payware would be correct ? nope, DateTime is !

So the correct DateTime object for dates starting 1.3.1900 when using values from Excel is :

DateTime->new(year=>1900, month =>1, day => 1)

Excel-- !

Carbon Emacs and Samba shares

Lastly I tried to access files on a Samba share (running on a Debian machine) from Carbon Emacs running on Snow Leopard. The files where in a git-repo, so vc-git tried to do his stuff. This made Carbon Emacs hang while creating .#file.pm linked files. flymake had the same issue. So instead of disabling vc-git and flymake, I searched the internet.

The problem got solved by adding this line to the [global] part of the smb.conf file:

unix extensions = no

Template Toolkit and Emacs

I am messing around with Template::Toolkit. Found the Emacs mode for template toolkit written by Dave Cross : https://github.com/davorg/tt-mode

Put the file tt-mode.el somewhere in your Emacs path and add these lines to your .emacs config file:

;; tt-mode
(load "tt-mode.el")
(setq auto-mode-alist (append '(("\\.tt$" . tt-mode)) auto-mode-alist ))
(setq auto-mode-alist (append '(("\\.tt2$" . tt-mode)) auto-mode-alist ))

works like a charm. Thank you Dave !

New blog


Once in a while I have something to tell about Perl and me. I used my very own server for years and sometimes I even used use.perl. Since the shutdown of the blogging interface at use.perl it seems that most bloggers moved to blogs.perl.

So this is my turn to move ;)

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